Commercial Lawn Insect Control

A Critical Step For Healthy Turf

Since 1947, Swingle has been the preferred turf care and lawn service company for commercial properties throughout Colorado. Commercial lawn insect control and plant disease control are critical steps in maintaining strong, healthy turf throughout your HOA property, golf course, office park or retail space.

Beautiful Properties Demand The Best In Lawn Pest Control

If you believe you have an insect infestation or disease on your commercial property, contact Swingle immediately.

On any large-scale property, mature trees and plants are two of the first things visitors notice, as well as being one of your most valuable assets. If you have damage to new leaves or buds, or plant growth appears to be stunted or distorted you may have insect disease on your property.

Swingle’s unique “Treat and Inspect” two-step program is specifically designed to protect your valuable trees and shrubs from pests including aphids, spider mites and caterpillars.

Clover Mites

These pests develop on grasses and various plants around the foundations of homes in late winter or early spring. Mites periodically enter buildings, becoming a nuisance.

Sod Webworm and Grubs

Unhealthy, brown spots in your lawn are a sign one of these two pests have made their home in your yard. Grub infestation is detected by pulling damaged grass: If it pulls out easily with no roots attached, it’s likely grub damage; if it stays firmly attached, it is more likely sod webworm.

An annual application of insecticide in late May or early June is the preferred way to treat a lawn with recurring grub infestations.

Denver Billbugs

Denver Billbugs are serious pests that live in turfgrass throughout parts of Colorado. They feed below ground and damage either the roots or the growing crown area of the plant. The best control for the Denver billbug is a spray applied in early June to kill adult insects prior to egg laying.

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