Commercial Plant Health Care

Get comprehensive care from Colorado’s commercial tree service experts

Trees and shrubs make your commercial landscape more appealing and increase property values. Ensure you keep them healthy by preventing plant disease and tree disease. Swingle is the only Colorado landscape and tree service company with a dedicated staff plant pathologist who will come to your property to diagnose disease.

Following diagnosis, Swingle offers a variety of plant heath care services including further disease prevention, foliar (leaf) treatments and soil injections.

Get Your Free Property Analysis Today. Swingle’s Plant Health Care services include:

Tree Fertilization

Trees provide shade, aesthetics and increase or enhance property value. But the needs of young trees are different from those of mature trees. Swingle offers three stages of commercial tree fertilization and shrub fertilization to protect them from the time they’re newly planted through maturity.

Treat & Inspect Injection Treatments and Foliar Treatments

To prevent outbreaks and infections from sweeping across your property, Swingle’s two-step Treat & Inspect treatment plan offers two frontiers of protection.

  • For the Treat Phase, we treat those trees that are most likely to be attacked by insects.
  • Then, in the Inspect Phase, smaller trees and shrubs on your property will be inspected for pests and treated with injection treatments and/or foliar treatments.

Soil Injections

Throughout a property, soil injections are used to control a wide variety of problem insects. These frequently include Aphids, Elm Leaf Beetles, Leaf Miners, Birch Borers and more.

Mountain Pine Beetle/IPS Control

Mountain pine beetles can devastate larger properties. Although this disease is not treatable once infested, preventative sprays can control mountain pine beetles, ips engraver beetles and other pests. To protect your property, Swingle recommends spruce trees be sprayed two times a year, once in the spring and once in the summer.