Commercial Sprinkler Winterization

Protect your investment. Get a full lawn irrigation system inspection free. Commercial sprinkler winterization (also known as blowing out sprinkler systems) in the fall, prior to the colder months when low temperatures cause water to freeze, can save thousands of dollars in potential damages.

A proper professional sprinkler system winterization includes:

  • Compressed air removes all moisture from the lines and other critical components.
  • All electrical components are thoroughly checked.
  • Repair recommendations are communicated for completion in Spring, when it’s time to turn the system back on.
  • Commercial Sprinkler Irrigation System Colorado

commercial sprinkler winterization

Non-winterized irrigation systems can freeze in extremely low temperatures, which are common in Colorado winter months. Frozen water in your sprinkler lines can cause thousands of dollars in damage and require some or all of the irrigation system to be repaired or replaced.

Irrigation system winterization needs to be done before temperatures drop. Contact us today for a free full irrigation system inspection. Get a long-term professional partner who understands how to make your property’s landscape thrive in Colorado’s climate.

Get peace of mind and protect your investment.

(Not yet available in northern Colorado.)

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