Commercial Tree Cabling & Bracing

Get your trees safe and strong

Reduce risk of tree branch breakage with professional tree cabling and bracing.

Trees are often one of a property’s most valuable assets. If you’ve recently added landscaping, your newly planted, young and/or urban trees frequently need some degree of supplemental tree support. Tree cabling and/or tree bracing can aid in minimizing the risk of structural failure or tree damage.

These tree support services can also reduce risk in high traffic areas or common areas by preventing emergency storm damage or tree repair.

Commercial tree cabling can:

  • Reduce the risk of a branch breaking when installed across a weak crotch.
  • Be used on overextended branches to help support the branch.
  • Be used in conjunction with brace rods or tree bracing.

Newly planted and young trees often need pruning to enhance their structure. This includes removing weakly attached and interfering branches while cutting overextended limbs. This pruning helps prevent damage and shape the tree as it ages.

Swingle, based in Denver since 1947, employs more certified arborists than any other Colorado company. All Swingle services include free Courtesy Visits from your Landscape Care Consultant and are backed by our 100 percent guarantee.

Strong branches reduce liability for your business. Remove the risk today. Get a quote for free.

Swingle offers the following Commercial Tree Support Services:

Tree Cabling

Our dedicated commercial staff is professionally trained in proper tree cabling, which limits the distance that a specific branch can move in relation to the rest of the tree. Cables can reduce the risk of a branch breaking and, thus, your risk of property damage.

Cables may also be used on overextended branches to help support the branch. Cables are frequently used in conjunction with brace rods or tree bracing.

Tree Bracing

Tree bracing is a frequent service performed by our arborists on commercial properties. It is employed when multiple leaders (also called co-dominant stems) exist in a tree.

Inserting brace rods reduces the risk of the leaders spreading apart or moving. Brace rods are also used as a method of tree repair when a crotch or branch has split.