Commercial Tree Removal

Get a landscape that is healthy and vibrant

Commercial tree removal is an important part of landscape maintenance. Colorado commercial property owners and managers may need a tree or shrub removed because it:

  • Is dead or dying.
  • Is diseased or infested by pests.
  • Has grown too large for its area.
  • Has sustained irreparable¬†amounts of damage from storms.
  • Is aesthetically out of place with the other trees and plant life that have grown up around it.

Trees and shrubs that are not removed due to one of the conditions listed above can cause issues such as:

  • Present a danger to people and property.
  • Spread disease or infestations to other trees and plants.
  • Encroach on streets, walkways or other property, blocking sight lines and violating municipal codes.
  • Have a negative impact on property values.
  • Result in punitive fines for the property owner.

Swingle, founded in Denver in 1947 by a tree surgeon, employs more certified arborists than any other Colorado company. Our expert Landscape Care Consultants can recommend next steps after the tree or shrub has been removed. Will the space:

Get a professional partner who understands the importance of safety and prepares your property to thrive after the removal is done.

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When it is necessary to remove a tree or shrub, safety for people and property during the removal process must be taken into account as should the impact of the removal on the overall landscape. When considering a partner to invite onto your property to care for your landscape, ask:

Will my trees and shrubs be cared for by a certified arborist?

Only a certified arborist is truly qualified to prescribe proper tree care and treatment, including removal and subsequent activities.

What is the company's safety record?

Tree removal carries risk. An accident on your property introduces a myriad of unpleasant issues. Be certain you are dealing with a reputable company and that the technicians sent to your home are properly insured, trained and outfitted.