Soil Enhancement

ReVive® Soil Enhancement: A Necessary Piece of Your Turf Care.

ReVive® your property! At first glance, you may only be concerned about the visible grass on your property. But proper turf care means more than just caring for your grass – it also means caring for the soil beneath it. Without good topsoil your property’s plants, trees and lawn will struggle to survive. The experts at Swingle have a multi-pronged approach to soil enhancement that includes applications of ReVive®, lawn aeration services and proper lawn care.

ReVive® Commercial Soil Enhancement: Reduce Watering And Strengthen Your Lawn.

You may be tempted to cut back on irrigation to reduce costs. But when your property’s lawn doesn’t receive adequate water it becomes stressed and susceptible to disease – which will ultimately cost you more. Swingle’s ReVive® program is an organic lawn treatment that helps loosen soil and increase water penetration. It improves root-zone moisture and improves soil drainage, so a smaller amount of water has a bigger impact.

By using ReVive® throughout your property – in conjunction proper irrigation and consistent fertilizing – problems such as weak, thin or uneven growth and brown spots begin to disappear.

Is your lawn frequently watered but not getting greener? Contact us to see if Soil Enhancement is the solution.