Why Aerate Your Lawn in the Fall

Having your lawn aerated in the fall is the perfect way to allow your lawn to breathe, while opening it up to receive needed fertilizer and moisture in the cooler months.

Fall Lawn Aeration

In Colorado, it is recommended to aerate twice a year (once in the spring and once in the fall). Colorado’s arid-climate creates compacted soil, which needs to be broken up for your lawn to receive proper nutrients.

Swingle uses an aerate machine to remove small cores or “plugs” of compacted soil.  The aerator creates holes about 2-3 inches deep and typically no more than 4-inches apart for optimal absorption.  While the cores are not the most attractive thing to see on your lawn, after mowing and watering, they will disappear – adding their nutrients back into the earth.

Fall Lawn Aeration Tips:  

To get your lawn looking its very best all year long, Swingle recommends scheduling your aeration in the Denver metro area early on. To get the most out of your lawn aeration, here are some tips:

  • Have your sprinkler heads or any irrigation lines clearly marked before the service to avoid any damage to your system.
  • Water your lawn before your service if we have not received rain. Watering will allow the plugs to be removed more easily.
  • Let the plugs remain on your lawn after the aeration.  These plug contain nutrients that will return back into your lawn.
  • Swingle recommends a fall overseed and fertilization after an aeration. Fall overseeding helps thicken your lawn and fill in bare spots. Fall fertilization helps boost the health of your lawn, especially in the dormant season

Let the Swingle experts help you to get the perfect lawn. Fall aeration is an essential part of achieving that look.