Does Swingle offer lawn mowing services?

Swingle DOES NOT offer lawn mowing services, but recommends contacting the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado (ALCC) www.alcc.com to find a reputable mowing service in your area.

What is Swingle’s Continuing Service Agreement (CSA) – how does it work?

A Continuing Service Agreement (CSA) is a convenience Swingle provides to all of its customers. It takes away the hassle of having to remember to renew your services each calendar year. Every proposal Swingle sends out clearly states, “For your convenience, the services you approve will automatically be scheduled for the following year”. To cancel or remove yourself from CSA, simply call us at 303.337.6200 or 970.221.1287.

Where do I mail a payment to Swingle?

Checks should be made out to “Swingle Inc.” and mailed to: Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care, P.O. Box 17248, Denver, CO 80217

Credit Card payments should be mailed to: Swingle Lawn, Tree & Landscape Care, 8585 E. Warren Ave, Denver, CO 80231

Is Swingle’s online payment system secure when paying invoices?

Yes, Swingle is a secure payment site. You’ll notice the payment screen says https (the “s” on the http stands for secure). When a website is unsecure, you will see the website just say http. Visit myswingle.com/account to pay for your invoiced services.

How do I sign up for an online account with Swingle?

Simply visit myswingle.com/account and reference the “Register for New Account” section. Simply follow the prompted instructions. You will need to have your hard copy invoice present before completing the registration.

Is my service scheduling affected by the weather?

All of our services are weather dependent, which means we cancel services due to cold temperatures, wind, snow, or rain on any given day. For all of our call-first customers, Swingle will call to inform you of any changes to the schedule.

Is Swingle OSHA compliant?

Yes, and we are proud of this designation. Swingle is one of the few landscape organizations in Colorado to be certified OSHA compliant.

In 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) was created. The goal was to help create a safer work environment by working with businesses to establish standards that are workplace-specific. The rules and regulations developed ensure workers are in the safest environment possible as set forth by OSHA.

What is the prepay discount and when does it apply? Does it prioritize my service over others?

Swingle provides a 3% prepay discount to customers who want to pay for their services in advance. It’s taken at the time you approve and pay for services. Payment needs to be made in full to receive the 3% discount for those services. Any service that is not prepaid for at the time of authorization, does not qualify for this discount.

NOTE: Pre-payment has no influence on scheduling of services. Swingle services are scheduled in the order they are received departmentally. Pre-payment does not elevate your position on that schedule.

How are the projected dates of services decided?

After authorizing services with Swingle, they’re entered into the cue to be scheduled. Depending on what service you are authorizing, dictates the projected dates you are given. The projected dates are Swingle’s way of informing the customer when they should expect services to be completed. Due to weather, and other unpredictable circumstances, it’s essentially impossible to give exact dates – months or even weeks in advance.

Why did Swingle come out to treat for lawn mites when my yard is covered in snow?

Lawn mites like warmth. Remember that fact when you see your lawn covered in snow. Where snow has melted and grass is showing is typically where you’ll find mites. Snow covered lawns are actually very helpful when spraying for lawn mites by centralizing the mites in specifics locations. Technicians are trained to identify, while on the property, if treatment will be beneficial or not.

Does Swingle provide a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Swingle offers the Swingle Promise: a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all services rendered. We stand by our work and our team, and if you’re not completely satisfied know that your concerns will be addressed.

Does Swingle provide warranty protection on trees and shrubs they install?

Swingle provides a replacement warranty with every tree and shrub they plant. If your plant should not survive within the time period of this warranty, a one-time plant replacement will be provided at no charge.

This warranty includes the removal of the original plant, its replacement, and any labor required. Listed below are the warranty durations that cover each plant:

  • Deciduous trees – Two calendar years from date of planting.
  • Conifer/evergreen trees – One calendar year from date of planting.
  • Deciduous/evergreen shrubs – One calendar year from date of planting.
  • Perennials/roses/annuals/sod – There is no warranty offered.

Items not covered by Swingle’s warranty include, but are not limited to, Acts of God such as freezing, hail, snow damage, fire, floods, and drought. Neglect, vandalism, or damage caused by animals will also void any warranty.