The value of holiday lighting for commercial properties

Holiday lighting has become a phenomenon with homeowners, businesses and entertainment venues across the nation. But many property managers still fail to realize the immeasurable benefits of holiday lighting for commercial properties. Here are some reasons why decorating for the holidays is a wise choice.

The value of holiday lighting for commercial properties

 Holiday lighting will attract community attention

holiday lighting for commercial properties

The overall landscape and hardscape of your commercial property typically remains unchanged throughout the calendar year. However, once the Thanksgiving feast concludes, property managers are given an opportunity to capture community-wide attention with their own holiday lighting display.

This disruption to the everyday norm is your chance to positively focus public attention on your commercial location. This attention not only supports your tenant’s seasonal desire to attract more foot traffic, improve visibility and create a memorable experience for guests, it also lets them know how much you value the partnership, by providing a unique energy to your location during the holiday season.

Holiday lighting is like installing additional signage on your property, without the hassle of permits and ordinances to abide by. Holiday lighting will instantly provide your location with the advantage. It also allows you control of the overall design, rather than individual businesses and organizations adorning their windows with mix-matched lighting lacking consistency.

This is the one time of year when you can brighten up the exterior of your building to the delight of tenants, patrons and passerby’s throughout the community. Don’t let yourself be known as the only dark property on the block.

Holiday lighting for commercial properties shows tenants and patrons you care

holiday lighting for commercial properties

The spirit of the holidays is celebrated in countless ways throughout communities across the nation – most notably signified by the holiday lights and decorations on homes and businesses.

Beyond simply increasing the morale of employees on staff, it solidifies the perception that you’re not just another “scrooge” in the community – caring only about profits, and little about the community in which you reside.

Patrons to your building, as well as owners, tenants and local officials, will immediately notice and appreciate the effort. What better, simpler way to gain a stronger sense of loyalty from not only customers and patrons, but from tenants as well.

Holiday lighting for commercial properties speaks to how you value your business

holiday lighting for commercial properties

Budgeting for holiday lighting speaks directly to the success of your business.

While not every business can afford to decorate their property like Denver Botanic Gardens, a great holiday lighting design is only limited by your creative imagination. Hiring a professional designer will certainly help to create a magical display worthy of your prominence in the community.

Are their benefits to commercial grade lights?

When it’s time to think about holiday lighting, many property managers will turn to their maintenance staff to deck-the-halls of their location. But designing a professional holiday lighting display requires more skill and artistry than just hanging lights on a hook.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Many assume longer strands of lights will save time and money in the long run. But the longer the strand, the more prone they are to failure (solder points, bulb issues, wire tangles).
  • Commercial grade lights strands are typically from 50 to 100 bulbs for optimum efficiency and functionality and feature 20-gauge wire and sealed bulbs to protect from the elements – all using standard outlet power.
  • LED light strands are up to 90 percent more efficient and last up to 10 times longer than traditional incandescent strands.
  • LED lights reduce the risk of fire and personal injury – extremely important to the liability for your commercial property. LED’s have no moving parts, filaments or glass and give off considerably less heat than incandescent. Because of the reduced energy usage, they are also safer to connect end to end without overloading sockets, for ease of installation.