Protecting your property from rabbits

Has Peter Rabbit been destroying your beautiful Colorado landscape? 

As we begin to leave winter and enter spring, the rabbit population starts to grow at a rapid pace. A single female rabbit can have up to 14 offspring per litter. They may be adorable, fluffy creatures, but in reality they can cause a lot of havoc to your Colorado landscape. Trying to control the problem is very important because rabbits can quickly destroy trees, shrubs, and gardens.

Here are three suggested ways to help control rabbit populations from destroying your landscape:

  • The most effective way to prevent rabbits from destroying your landscape is by fencing your garden and young trees. Chicken wire is a great way to prevent rabbits from destroying your plants and trees. Make sure the fence is high enough (3-4 feet high and 6-8 inches deep) for rabbits to be unable to jump or dig under the fence.
  • Rabbits prefer to live and hide in areas with tall grass, debris, and shrubs. Swingle does not treat for rabbits, but having Swingle remove overgrown shrubs and brush, prune low hanging branches or provide lawn maintenance will help limit the rabbit’s habitat. By doing so, rabbits will feel unsafe and be less likely to take up residence in your yard.
  • Repellents are a great way to discourage rabbits due to their strong sense of smell. You can buy repellents at local home and garden stores, but be aware that products will need to be reapplied every few weeks or after a rainstorm. Additionally rabbits may eventually become used to the smells, rendering them ineffective.

While no one method will prevent rabbit populations all together, they will help to discourage them from frequenting your landscape. It’s always a great idea to bring in a professional lawn and tree care service team to help maintain your yard.

The professionals at Swingle can help reduce the likelihood of rabbit infestation by maintaining your landscape as an unwelcoming place to call home for the ever-expanding rabbit population.