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See why Swingle is among top lawn care companies in Denver. We understand that your lawn is more than just grass. It’s an extension of your home – a place to enjoy all the special relationships in your life, which is why we offer professional lawncare services. Your time is incredibly valuable, which is why we’ve created a convenient, hassle-free lawn care solution to guarantee your lawn will be lush, green and weed-free all season long – with no burden on your personal schedule.

Lawn Services – Lawn Treatment

We schedule our complete fertilization program, including lawn spraying from spring to fall, with no additional charges. Benefits of our yard services include: 

  • Even growth and beautifully consistent coloring
  • Pre-emergent weed control prevents crabgrass and spurge
  • Insect control (for most common insects*) as needed throughout the season
  • Properly applied nutrients for full, dense turf and healthy root systems
  • Free courtesy visits for any problems or concerns you have through the season

Why Swingle for Your Lawn Care Services?

See why Swingle is One of Denver’s Top Lawn Care Companies

  • Free lawn evaluation
  • Certified lawn care professionals
  • Risk-free, 100% guarantee
  • No contract or cancellation fee
  • Serving the front range of Colorado since 1947
  • Locations in Denver, Fort Collins and Firestone

Download specifics on our lawn care programs below:

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When is the best time to fertilize your lawn in the spring?

Lawn treatment should begin with fertilizing your lawn in March after the snow melts, then again in early to mid-May. Most lawns from Castle Rock to Fort Collins are “cool-season” grasses, which grow best from April through June. Fertilizing when the grass is growing quickly provides key nutrients at the right time, thickening the turf and promoting deeper root systems – ideal during hotter, drier months. A thicker lawn also helps prevent weeds.

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Rangeland, fields and native turf

In addition to traditional lawn care, Swingle also has extensive experience maintaining rangeland, fields and native turf in Colorado. Our professional lawn care team can help establish your native grass lawn or maintain an existing one.

Native grasses are one option for a natural Colorado landscape. Colorado native grasses are gaining interest for use in lawns that see modest foot traffic and little play. These grasses are also for areas where less maintenance is desired.

Fully established, these grasses use 50 to 75 percent less water than Colorado’s most popular turf: kentucky bluegrass. For lawns that experience high use, bluegrass is best. However, for lesser-used areas, alternatives may be appropriate.


When most people think of a water-stingy turf, buffalograss is the first that comes to mind. Older buffalo varieties did not form a dense turf, and hence were often fraught with weeds. Newer varieties form denser grass stands and benefit from periodic watering and fertilization. Buffalo prefers a clay soil and is hardy to 6,500 feet in elevation. Buffalo begins to green in late April and goes dormant with the first hard frost. Without irrigation, this grass will turn brown in the summer.

Blue grama

As the name says, this is a soft blue grass that forms an interesting seed head that looks like a little eyebrow. Along with buffalograss, grama is the other native grass that dominates Colorado’s shortgrass prairie. While buffalograss is  predominantly found in clay soil, grama prefers sandy soils. Blue grama is hardy up to 7,000 feet. Grama will survive without water, but will grow into a turf with two to four inches of water per month.

*As an additional benefit, we also provide evaluations for Japanese Beetle grubs throughout the year. If treatment is necessary, additional charges will apply.

Some restrictions apply: Discount is for new residential customers who purchase full 5-time Advantage Plus Lawn Care Program. Irrigation service is not offered north of HWY 7. Swingle DOES NOT offer mowing services.