Lawn Insect Control

Lawn insects can be damaging

Clover Mites

During early to midspring, clover mites also may damage turfgrass around building foundations and in other warm, dry areas of a lawn. Feeding damage appears as small streaks in leaves – a higher population of mites will do heavy damage if not kill the leaves.

Sod Webworm and Grubs

Unhealthy, brown spots in your lawn are a sign that one of these two pests have made their home in your yard. Grub infestation is detected by pulling on damaged grass. If it pulls out easily with no roots attached, it’s likely grub damage. If it stays firmly attached, it is more likely sod webworm. An annual application of insecticide in late May or early June is the preferred way to treat a lawn with recurring grub infestations.

Denver Billbugs

Denver Billbugs are serious pests that live in turfgrass throughout parts of Colorado. They feed below ground and damage either the roots or the growing crown area of the plant. The best control for the Denver billbug is a spray applied in early June to kill adult insects prior to egg laying.

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As an additional benefit, we also provide evaluations for Japanese Beetle grubs throughout the year. If treatment is necessary, additional charges will apply.

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