Lawn Mite Control

Lawn mites can be destructive

Lawn mite damage (common from February through May) is unsightly and sometimes very costly.

The same clover mites, which invade your home, also damage lawn turf.  Fall clover mites and other mites feast on your lawn when it is dormant.  In the spring, when lawns typically turn green, is usually the first indication of a problem.  Mite damaged portions will remain brown and will not green up. These portions of your lawn are unfortunately unable to be saved and will need replacing.

Swingle’s lawn mite control program is composed of monthly applications over the course of the dryer fall, winter, and spring months. These applications will help erudite the mites and prevent further damage.

The key to preventing lawn mites from attacking your lawn begins with winter and dry season watering. Areas that are prone to faster evaporation include hot spots around trees, sloped areas and areas that receive direct sunlight. Periodic watering will cause these areas to be less attractive to mites.

What you can do to protect your lawn?

As an additional benefit, we also provide evaluations for Japanese Beetle grubs throughout the year. If treatment is necessary, additional charges will apply.