Organic Lawn Care Programs

Organic Lawn Care Programs

Swingle’s ongoing commitment to environmental causes and the green industry is represented in part by our leadership and active participation in:

  • Green industry organization PLANET
  • Supporting tree research
  • Tree planting initiatives
  • Colorado horticulture studies
  • The Denver Regional Council of Government’s Bike to Work Day

Making your yard inviting and attractive may be enhanced with organic fertilization and weed control.

ReVive® Organic Soil Enhancer allows your soil to store more water. This reduces watering requirements and helps eliminate dry brown spots. Fortified with iron, ReVive® turns lawn dark green and maintains thickness.

Environmental lawn care and Organic fertilizers nurture the lawn and encourage soil microbial development. These microbes, predominately bacteria, help cycle nutrients and rebuild soil structure. Each of five applications of Organic Advantage Plus contains a specially blended fertilizer just for Colorado soils.

Get a partner with a proven history of active participation in caring for Colorado’s environment. Get a partner who shares your values.