Weed control for your Colorado property

Swingle keeps your property healthy and weed-free all season long with effective weed control services.

What are weeds?

  • A plant which is not intentionally supported in your landscape
  • Are competitive with healthy, existing plant life
  • Are persistent and negatively impact human activity or management

Their undesirable qualities outweigh their good points. In the United States alone, crop losses and weed control programs are in the tens of billions of dollars each year.

“Weeds are naturally strong competitors and those weeds that can best compete always tend to dominate. We may breed plants for yield, while nature breeds plants for survival.” (D. Ligenfelter)

Weed control service for lawns

Our program provides guaranteed weed control from invasive grasses and unwanted broadleaf weeds such as crabgrass, spurge, dandelion and many others.

No one looks forward to pulling weeds and few people have the time. Unfortunately, simply pulling weeds doesn’t guarantee that they won’t come back. We’ve developed a fertilization and weed control package that will eliminate the guesswork (and the physical work) from weed management on your property.

By combining weed control services into some your lawn treatment applications, we can control weeds and help you grow a healthier lawn. In addition, we offer garden weed removal, flower bed weed removal to ensure you have a weed free yard. Swingle also offers the following services:

Swingle’s exclusive Bed & Border Weed Control Program helps eliminate sprouting weeds and unwanted grasses outside of your lawn. Our proven application works with great results on: mulched areas, evergreen beds, pathways, walkways, driveways and crushed rocks.