Summer Sprinkler System Inspection & Tune Up – The time is now!

As outdoor temperatures begin to rise here in Colorado, your landscape will soon be experiencing additional stress as vital moisture is robbed from their root systems.  This takes a toll on your lawn, shrubs, trees, and other plants in your landscape. If your sprinkler system isn’t providing adequate water and effective coverage, you’ll have problems.

The time to check if your irrigation system is functioning properly is before you need to utilize it on a more regular basis. That time is now!

Underground irrigation systems require regular maintenance in order to keep them working effectively and efficiently year over year. Damage caused by lawn equipment, improper winterization and unexpected temperature spikes can lead to frustrating leaks, which can be costly to repair.

During a summer inspection, Swingle’s certified irrigation technicians will inspect the entire sprinkler system from beginning to end. This allows you to enjoy the summer and relax outside with a healthy green lawn and landscape.

Swingle’s Summer Sprinkler System Inspection and Tune-Up includes:

  • Checking for leaks and other water problems, including broken pipes, weeping, leaking valves or any other damaged components.
  • Inspect for improper head and nozzle size/type, proper head spacing, correct controller programming and rain sensor functionality.
  • Evaluate water pressure and adjust as needed to guarantee sprinklers are disturbing water correctly without stress.
  • Setting your timer to the recommended settings for effective and efficient summer watering.
  • Technicians will also look for and recommend additional ways to more efficiently irrigate landscaped areas around your property.

Sprinkler systems are one of the most efficient ways to keep all elements of your landscape staying hydrated and looking beautiful during the hot summer months. Making sure your system is functioning properly will ensure you have a healthy lawn and landscape all summer long.

Contact Swingle today to schedule your Summer Sprinkler System Inspection!